3 dic. 2013

Buildout errors with gocept.recipe.env

The syntom

I get a really very strange error when running buildout.

  Installing nginx.
  Getting option config:PS1.
Error: The option name in substitution, ${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)},
has invalid characters.
One strange behavior is that it does not occur every time. I still haven't discovered exactly when this error occurs. But the most strange and surprising fact is that it corrupts the buildout control file .installed.cfg, making it unusable for later buildout runs.

The problem

After digging a while I have discovered that my buildout (incepted by co-workers) is using the gocept.recipe.env 1.0 to get a environment variable (USER), and the error is related to the PS1 environment variable. It includes a dollar sign ($) and or this recipe or buildout (2.1.0) is not escaping it properly.

The solution

I opted to separate my part into two and to use collective.recipe.environment instead.

recipe = gocept.recipe.env
key = value

is converted to:

recipe = collective.recipe.environment

USER = ${environment:USER}
key = value

I hope that this solution will be less erroneous / more solid.

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